Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences

Psychiatry is a medical specialty that deals with management and treatment of mental disorders. Mental disorders range from mild form as anxiety to severe form as schizophrenia. Other disorders are depression, bipolar illness, stress- related disorders, drug dependence and child & old-age psychological problems. Behavioural Sciences includes the study of psychological, social, racial and cultural factors in disease causation. Behavioural Sciences emphasizes the need to be kind-hearted and polite towards the patients. The students study the subject of Behavioural Sciences in first three years of MBBS and the subject of Psychiatry in the final year. The key role of Behavioural Sciences is to enhance the training of medical students in the areas of medical ethics and character building. The department provides mental health services, with regular out-patient clinics along with in-patient services at Central Park Teaching Hospital, Lahore. The department also provides Counseling Services and conducts Life Management Skills workshops for thestudents and the staff.