Hostels are adjacent to the college campus. Hostel Committee is responsible for the hostel affairs it comprises of Hostel Administrator who is available in the Accounts section, chief hostel warden and Assistant Wardens. In girl’s hostel, there is Warden, and a housekeeper.

Room Allocation:

Rooms will be allocated on orientation day after getting paid admission receipts from accounts department for boys & girls hostels. Two days before orientation, finance department will provide the information of students and then the process will start to handover keys to the students on day of orientation after verification of the dues paid receipt. One key of the allocated room will be handed over to the student and the other will be kept by the Hostel Warden. During course the allocation will be done by the chief warden of hostels. Students will also be given a hostilities’ identification card to guarantee access into the hostel premises.



Hostels are provided with generator facility for uninterrupted supply of electricity. Air conditioning facility is not available on generator supply.
Play grounds
Girls’ hostel has the facility of badminton courts. There is a large ground inside the hostel premises. It is expected that hostellites will maintain the cleanliness of the grounds.

Indoor Games
Indoor games facility is present at first floor in block A Girls Hostel.
The Hostel Representatives are responsible to keep check that this facility is not misused. The Assistant Warden is to supervise all issues. In case of damage or loss of any item, inform the administration. So that the damaged item could be replaced.

Air- conditioning
The air conditioner has to be installed by hostellites. Each room has sub-meters connected. The electricity bill is added in Hostel charges. The electricity used over and above that charges will be payable by the hostellite.
The mess facility is common for boys and girls.
There is a Mess committee comprising of students both day scholars and hostellites from each academic year and supervised by a faculty member. The members of mess committee are elected each year.
The mess committee looks after the menu of the mess and other related issues in collaboration with hostel administration.
The mess charges are to be paid monthly in advance.
The students are desired to dine in and take away of mess items are not allowed.

The mess timings are as follows:
• Breakfast: 06:30-8:00am
• Lunch: 02:30pm- 04:00 pm
• Dinner: 07:00pm- 10:00 pm

Hostel Facilities
The hostels comprise of shared accommodation for two people with an attached bathroom. The rooms are furnished.

Common Rooms
Common rooms facility is available in each block of hostels. Television and cable connection has been provided.
Laundry facility
The laundry facility is free of cost. The hostellites have to collect their clothes and hand over to washer man/woman twice a week. Detergent has to be provided by the hostellites.
House keeping
Room cleanliness charges are already added in hostel dues. Hostellites do not require to pay extra for this purpose. The Hostellites have to supervise their room tidiness in their presence.
Each hostel floor is provided by a kitchenette. The kitchenette is equipped with the following items:
Microwave oven
Water dispenser
Wash basin
To wash dish items the hostellites have to bring their detergent with them.
The hostellites are requested to use these facilities with care. Only microwave permissible utensils are placed inside. The dirty utensils should not be kept in the washbasins. The integrity of the drainage system of the wash basins have to be maintained.

Internet facilities

Wi-Fi routers are placed on each floor free of cost. It is expected that internet facilities are used for academic purpose only. Hostellites are requested not to download movies and videos as speed may get slow.