Hostels are adjacent to the college campus. Hostel Committee is responsible for the hostel affairs it comprises of Hostel Administrator who is available in the Accounts section, chief hostel warden and Assistant Wardens. In girl’s hostel, there is Warden, and a housekeeper.

Hostel Timings:

Room Allocation:

Rooms will be allocated on orientation day after getting paid admission receipts from accounts department for boys & girls hostels. Two days before orientation, finance department will provide the information of students and then the process will start to handover keys to the students on day of orientation after verification of the dues paid receipt. One key of the allocated room will be handed over to the student and the other will be kept by the Hostel Warden. During course the allocation will be done by the chief warden of hostels. Students will also be given a hostilities’ identification card to guarantee access into the hostel premises.

In House Facilities:


The campus has grounds that are custom designed and well maintained for different sports activities. There is the provision of cricket grounds, basketball courts, and football fields.