In addition to excellent academic environment, the college transport system brings peace of mind to parents and students both. The College has a contract with Transport Company to provide pick and drop facility to CPMC students. The transport company provides air-conditioned coasters. The administration intervenes in case any dispute arises with Transport Company.
The charges are equal for all students irrespective of distance. The students will pay six monthly dues directly to transport company. The college is not involved in any collection of funds in this respect.

The student has to serve one month notice in writing to discontinue facility. However, student discontinuing the facility immediately before annual leave or exams leave has to pay the transport charges for leave period as well.

Book Shop

Availability of a book store on the college premises. Along with the books the book shop also has the following items available:


The students will be facilitated with cafeteria and mess against payment. Three times hygienic meal will be served in mess hall, no permission to take meal in the rooms.

Monthly menu will be changed by the Menu Committee, consisting of Hostel Warden Boys, Hostel Warden Girls, Mess Manager, three students from boy’s hostel and three students from girls’ hostel who are having mess facility. The Chief Warden will be the final authority to decide the monthly menu.


The campus has grounds that are custom designed and well maintained for different sports activities. There is the provision of cricket grounds, basketball courts, and football fields.

Recreation & Wellness

The students of CPMC are actively involved in almost all field of sports, debates, art & culture, Publication and social welfare activities. From the beginning of academic year, students are encouraged to participate in inter class sports competition, which include cricket, football, volley ball, table tennis, badminton and athletics.

Almost 5 acres of land is dedicated for recreational facilities, including jogging tracks, tennis court & football field. Females are encouraged to participate in all indoor and outdoor activities. CPMC frequently holds variety of sports activities.

Common Room

To help students re-energize and take a break from hectic routines CPMC also houses separate common rooms for boys and girls at the campus. The common rooms include the required furniture and amenities to help the students relax. The students can engage in healthy debates with each other or watching television in the common rooms.