Chairman’s Message

Mian Tahir Javed

Chairman of Board of Trustees, Central Park Medical College

Mian Tahir Javed is a distinguished philanthropist for the development & deliverance of social welfare projects into society. He has already proven his unrivaled success in the real estate business by delivering multiple projects as the founder of Urban Developers & “Chairman Board of Trustees of Health & Education Foundation”. He always strives to deliver extraordinary in the field of education, and often underrated, yet essential, focus on our society. While following this dream he collaborated with several revolutionary educationists, and health care providers and laid down the foundation of Central Park Medical College in the year 2008. The physical existence along with evidentiary operations of CPMC articulate a wonderful testimony of his professional distinction and devotion to his mission of social welfare and educational development in Pakistan to alleviate poverty and improve the health care of the society respectively.


We are in the middle of a biomedical revolution which is more profound and far-reaching than the industrial and digital revolutions that made it possible. Medical profession has grown exponentially over the past few decades, giving us new insights into how life works. Our integrated vision of medical education and patient care caters in general to the medical needs of the country and specifically of the local underprivileged community. Being a businessman who is only indirectly related to the medical profession through Central Park Medical College, it gives me a sense of immense gratification that I am humbly contributing to the welfare of the destitute community through this venture. The directors, the dean and the faculty have supported my vision of imparting highest quality medical education, producing morally strong and professionally competent future doctors and setting the highest standard of professional conduct to deliver compassionate care and treatment to the patients.