Counselling Services


To provide psychosocial counselling service for students, we have qualified Psychiatrists as well as clinical Psychologist in our team. The aim is to provide emotional support to students who would like someone to help them think over various views, issues, and dilemmas, and would like to gain clarity about their professional work or about issues that arise during practical work or when facing the challenges of the modern world. Students who have difficulties in developing social contacts, self-esteem issues, fears and personal obstacles, difficulties at work or exam stress are dealt with empathy and understanding. Counselling is also available to anyone who is merely curious or would simply like to chat about themselves and receive some feedback.

Our Psychologists have diverse experience in providing psychosocial assistance and are capable of covering a wide spectrum of approaches and interventions, which students need in various life situations and contexts. In addition to that, they are able to recognize situations when someone needs to be referred to other professionals. We can assure you we have the utmost respect for anonymity, discretion and confidentiality.


We have a career counselling cell comprised of well experienced and capable medical professionals who have diverse national and international exposure. They provide guidance to students about the available avenues in the medical field. Majority of medical students who get admitted in various medical colleges of country are unaware of what they want to pursue in future as their specialization, as well as the pathway to their future destination is also unclear to them. One to one sessions are arranged on request by the student. He/she is guided according to his/her area of interest, capabilities and the overall scope of the particular specialization. They are connected to students already perusing the respective field to get peer guidance and up to date information. In addition to that, regular sessions are arranged for all the academic years in order to motivate, guide and enlighten the students about future prospects of the highly competitive ever evolving field of medicine.


The intense and extensive curriculum of medical education becomes too difficult to handle for students who are new to this profession. We provide continuous academic counselling by arranging sessions on time management, stress handling, teaching and learning strategies & communication skills. We have a well-organized mentorship program where students of different years are grouped together under the guidance of a senior faculty member as mentor. This promotes peer learning and allows the students to become vocal about their personal as well as academic problems. Moreover, we have an open door policy for students of all years where our esteemed faculty members welcome them with empathy and provide them with customized solutions for their issues.

At CPMC, we prioritize the social, physical and mental well-being of our students and try to provide every possible support required to shape them into effective members of medical community and society at large.