Learning at CPMC ensures the continuous delivery of knowledge at the campus. We take pride in our fully developed online mechanism of Zoom and a Learning Management System that augments the face-to-face teaching and learning activities of the students. The lectures are regularly uploaded on the LMS thus the students can access them anytime from anywhere they desire. This ensures their smooth learning and better revision. 

The institute has a high-tech online Campus management system that streamlines the educational activities at the college. All the students’ attendance, their academic record, and the learning activities planned for the session can be viewed with just a click. Each student is given a unique username and password to access his account. The campus management software can be accessible from the mobile app as well as the website.

The parents can also log in to this portal, access it from the comfort of their homes, and have accurate information about the learning progress of their child. 


Distant learning has been implemented via live lectures and practicals on zoom software since the outbreak of COVID-19. It was taken care of that the course schedules should be completed at their designated time for all years according to their respective Academic Calendars. Availability of all recorded lectures has been ensured on the college LMS portal. 

CPMC Learning Management System