Arts & Literary Society


Welcome to Central Park Medical College, where the Arts and Literary Society celebrates the interplay of arts and education. From engaging audiences for over years to continuing to be the longest-running society of CPMC, the Arts and Literary Society brings together individuals who share an interest in learning and innovation by hosting intercollegiate events such as Olympiad, Intercollegiate Micro Med Quiz Competition, Arts exhibition, Photography Contest and many more. This year, ALS celebrated a vibrant, summer-themed Olympiad which stood incontestable for its distinctive categories like amazing race, battle of bands and diverse food stalls. To explore different artistic and literary genres, the society collaborates with well known artists, authors, scholars and hosts events like Intercollegiate Short film Competition, Mushaira, Qawali Night. ALS keeps its audience engaged throughout the year by celebrating different national days and leaves its mark in hearts of its audience by ending the year with a grand Annual Dinner. The yearly magazine Central Times published by ALS provides a comprehensive overview of significant happenings and insights from the year. Arts and Literary Society invites you to a world where the corridors echo with symphony of intellect and creativity.

Details of Events Organized by ALS