Accounts Department

Accounts Department CPMC & CPTH

Accounts Section

In Accounts Department, the Manager Finance deals with all financial matters for students and faculty (College and Hostel charges etc.) College dues charged annually in the month of September or a month before the date of the

Professional Exams.

  • Hostel and mess dues will be charged annually a month before the Professional exams.
  • Admission and tuition fee, once paid are only refundable as per PMC policy.
  • Delay in fee payment may result in suspension or being barred from classes and examination until the clearance of dues in accordance with the college policies and procedures.
  • Any further additional charges levied by the Government, the University of Health Sciences or
  • The PMC during the course of studies will be charged to the student. Such fee will be
  • Recoverable within the period mentioned in notice of such recovery.
  • Outstanding fee/charges will be liable to fine according to “schedule of fine” from the due date till the payment is made.
  • If a student does not make payment within due date, the respective facilities will be Discontinued immediately after verbal or written notice.
  • If due date is a holiday then the due date will be considered very next working day.


Students will not be allowed to appear in any examination (internal/external) unless all outstanding Dues are fully cleared prior to the registration deadline of the examination.