Psychosocial Counselling

An educational career is a challenging time, to facilitate the total wellbeing of our students we are considerate of the psycho social aspect as well. Through self-referral program an individual or a group is referred to the Psycho-social expert or psychotherapist available at the Central Park Teaching Hospital.

Counselling services are completely confidential and free from any judgement based upon students’ results and/or academic performance. Counselling and psychological wellbeing service providers are sensitive to diversity issues and dedicated to assisting any CPMC student, without discrimination of gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status culture or disability.

Any grievances from the student body are also considered, which are then referred to the appropriate administrator keeping in view conflict of interest, confidentiality and coherence of the educational experience.

Disability Support: The campus of CPMC is well designed to accommodate persons with disabilities. Ramps are available to access the building premises and elevators are available to gain access to the different levels of the campus. DME works closely with the individual who have temporary or an ongoing disability by developing an individualized planned with the consent of the individual and sharing it with their respective faculty as to create cohesiveness and transition for an excellent educational experience.