Dr. Shehnaz Khan


PhD candidate (2019 to date), CHPE candidate (2023), MPH (2017), MBBS (1982)

Assistant Professor Community Medicine  

10 years of undergraduate teaching experience 

About Dr. Shehnaz

She has utilized about a decade of teaching experience in community medicine and research methodology to make the students aware of environmental, social, occupational and personal issues of patients and inculcate in the students the habit of considering the above aspects while rendering patient care. As an experienced teacher, she is able to break concepts down into more palatable parts which helps students absorb new concepts more sustainably and with a larger amount of interest. She has 14 HEC recognized published articles in her name and three are in the process of publication. She have attended many workshops, one international conference and two symposiums. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program at University of Lahore, and have completed the comprehensive exam with a GPA of 3.9. She is also recently enrolled in the medical education certificate program offered by Fatima Memorial Hospital College of Medicine and Dentistry, To improve the skills with new tools and techniques in teaching.