Lupus Day 2023

Lupus is a disease that commonly affects women. Central Park Teaching Hospital stood tall in solidarity with warriors battling lupus! Our empowering Awareness Walk & Seminar brought together a compassionate community to raise awareness and support for those affected by this challenging autoimmune disease.
Its symptoms include joint pain, Spots on the face, Hair loss, and Inflammation of the kidneys and other organs, May be affected by timely diagnosis and treatment 90% of people can avoid life-threatening complications with treatment for this disease. For Treatment Patients can refer to the Rheumatologist Department at Central Park Hospital. Ph: 042-34500003. #LupusDay #WalkingForAwareness #TogetherWeStandAgainstLupus #UniteForACure

World Hypertension Day 2023

Central Park Teaching Hospital Celebrates World Hypertension Day 2023:
It is observed to raise awareness about hypertension and help people to realize that it is a preventable and controllable condition. Hypertension is one of the major causes of premature deaths worldwide. Shockingly, 46% of the people who have hypertension are unaware of the condition. The People with hypertension may not feel any symptoms at all and the only way to know about the condition is to get your blood pressure checked regularly. However, people with very high blood pressure can feel symptoms like severe headaches, chest pain, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision or other vision changes, anxiety, confusion, buzzing in the ears, nosebleeds, and abnormal heart rhythm.

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day is celebrated at central park teaching hospital Lahore. our message to all the people around us is to look after our kidneys by regularly monitoring your kidney function test and urine test, especially those who are suffering from diabetes and hypertension

World Cancer Day

Like every year, World Cancer Day was celebrated in Central Park Teaching Hospital this year as well. On this occasion, Dr. Kausar Bano Head of The Department of Cancer (Oncology), Jinnah Hospital Lahore was invited as the Chief Guest – Other guests included Principal Central Park Medical College Prof. Muhammad Aamir Mian, Prof. Sayed Nayab Haider, Medical Director of Central Park Teaching Hospital, Dr. Tahir. Khalil MS Central Park Teaching Hospital, Usman Suleman Head of Marketing Central Park Teaching Hospital, nursing staff and a large number of students participated. At this occasion, Dr. Kausar Banu appreciated the community services of Central Park Teaching Hospital and told the participants that currently, the death rate from cancer in the world is much higher than other diseases and one of every six deaths is caused by cancer. She further told the media and participants that the main reasons for this are lack of awareness, life style, adulterated food and water, smoking and non-breastfeeding among young women. Principal Prof.  Muhammad Aamir Mian thanked the participants and told that with timely diagnosis and awareness, it is now possible to treat a life-threatening disease like cancer.