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Rules & Regulations

1. Every student is required to achieve at least 75% attendance (both lectures & practical) to become eligible to appear in the professional / final term examination.

2. In the classroom, mobile phones should be kept on silent / vibration mode or preferably switched off.

3. No student is allowed to leave the lecture room without permission of teacher until the class is over.

4. Students will be responsible for purchasing of the prescribed books.

5. A student, who is absent without leave continuously for a period of four weeks, will be struck off from the college rolls.

6. Sick leave less than 2 days may be obtained on application by the student. If it exceeds 2 days it must be supported by a medical certificate which must specify the nature of the illness and the period / dates for which rest is recommended.

7. Any student breaking or damaging any college property (Books, Furniture etc.) will be required to replace them or to pay their cost.

8. All students must be properly dressed. Shorts, Three-quarter Trousers and Capri are not permitted.

9. Students are expected to be well mannered, well behaved and courteous towards colleagues & faculty. Anyone attempting to violate the college discipline by using vulgar/abusive or involved in violence will be penalized.

10. The breach of discipline in college, hostel or hospital premises is referred to the college disciplinary committee. After considering the recommendations of the college disciplinary committee, the Principal of the college may impose one or more of following punishments/penalties:-

      a. The student may be asked to tender an apology, verbal or written.
      b. A student may be placed on probation for a period up to 3 months and if during this period       he/she fails to improve his/her conduct;

            1) A student may be fined up to Rs. 20,000/-
            2) The scholarship may be suspended or stopped.
            3) He/she may be expelled from the college.

11. The students will not keep in their possession firearms and other weapons of offence in the premises of college, hostels and attached hospitals.

12. Smoking is an offence under the state law and college regulations. It is punishable through:- a. Suspension from the classes. b. Expulsion if found guilty at repeated occasions.

13. Use of narcotics is completely banned and violation in this regard may lead to expulsion from college.

14. Students are required to take care of their cash or other belongings. College administration is not responsible for any loss/theft.

15. The Dean is competent to impose and remit fines and the verdict of Dean in all cases will be considered as final.

16. All the college, hostel and mess dues must be paid within the due date.

17. Dean, Principal and other staff is accessible at specified time for listening to the difficulties and grievances of students.