The treatment of injuries or disorders of the body by incision or manipulation, especially with instruments, is described as Surgery.

About the department:

TThe department of Surgery at CPMC consists of two professorial units. The one at Central Park Teaching Hospital is looked after by the HOD of Surgery, Prof Muhammad Amer Mian; the second unit is at Bhatti International Teaching Hospital, and headed by Prof Tanveer Anwar. A highly experienced and professional faculty supports the department. Both units are manned and cater for emergencies 24/7. The consultant OPD is available 6 days a week. There are three fully equipped OTS in each unit. There are two elective operation days in both units, per week. Advanced Laparoscopic surgical procedures are performed routinely. Thyroid, breast, hernia, hemorrhoids, appendectomies, skin grafting, tumor, and intestinal surgeries are carried out by the surgery department. The department is supported by a competent anesthetics department and a fully equipped intensive care unit.
The hospitals provide free treatment to patients of impecunious family background. Both hospitals are recognized by PMDC for house job training and by CPSP for fellowship in General Surgery.
The undergraduate teaching program prepares students for active patient care, from the very beginning. Students are encouraged to present cases in the OPD, attend operation theatres, and remain in the wards in the evenings. A log book of student activities is maintained. A theoretical and clinical testing system is utilized for student evaluation, and a detailed progress history is maintained.