Human Physiology, thought to be the bedrock of medicine, is defined as the branch of science which deals with the normal function of the human body and its parts at different levels.

About the department:

The Physiology Department at CPMC is headed by Dr. Humera Ehsan Wyne, a remarkable professor and a prominent name among the physiologist community; in partnership with Associate professor Dr. Akmal Hasan, a highly competent and apt teacher. Dr. Akmal Hasan also heads the CPMC Arts and Literary Society, being an exceptional artist and writer himself.
The Physiology Department comprises of qualified professionals with experience in their fields as subject specialist, supported by the equally competent para-medical staff. Located on the ground floor, the department has a spacious well-furnished and well-equipped air conditioned laboratory. It has a working space sufficient for 50 students at a time; facilities for experimental Physiology, regarding hematology, cardiovascular system, respiration, special senses, nerve and muscle etc. can be found. In short it is a center of excellence for teaching, training and providing opportunities for research both at under-graduate and post-graduate levels.