Pediatrics is the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases.

About the department:

The department of Pediatrics was established at Bhatti International Teaching Hospital in 2008 and at Central Park Teaching Hospital in 2012. Since then, the department has been continuously striving for improvement in child health care by providing high quality education and opportunities for research. The department is recognized by PMDC and CPSP for house job and fellowship programs, respectively. Both hospitals boast a multifaceted 60 bedded department with state of the art equipment. The hospitals provide OPD, vaccination and 24 hour emergency, covered by well-qualified and experienced medical staff. The pediatric and neonatal intensive care units have ventilators, incubators, phototherapy units and the latest patient monitoring devices to provide comprehensive patient care. The faculty and staff members of the Pediatrics department have a fine reputation for outstanding clinical care, dedicated teaching, and exemplary mettle. The department aims to help trainees achieve knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to provide health care services to children of all ages. Community health services such as screening of local school children and those of the surrounding locality are provided in the form of weekly camps. Lectures are delivered on common pediatric diseases to doctors belonging to the rural and basic health unit of Kasur. The department is continuously integrating the latest medical technology and equipment into the hospital, to enable doctors to provide the best available health care, and undertake clinical research.