TMedicine is the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

About the department:

The Department of Medicine at CPTH provides both its students and Post-Graduate trainees an excellent and highly structured teaching and training program. There is a wide diversity of patients seen in the out-patient department, rendering a wide range of material for the under and post graduate students to learn from.
In the daily ‘morning conference’ active discussion is made on admitted patients and case files are presented. The departments of radiology and dermatology take part in these conferences every week. This session includes discussion on various patients’ issues, aspects of life, motivational videos of famous writers and philosophers etc. There is a departmental meeting every Wednesday, and suggestions are taken to further improve work conditions.
The recently developed endoscopic suite provides state of the art facilities to patients and helps in the diagnosis and evaluation of gastro intestinal diseases. The professors get hands on training and experience regarding modern and novel gastro intestinal procedures.