Behavioral sciences deal with the study of human behavior using principles of psychology, sociology and anthropology. Individually: Psychology is a study of the human mind, i.e. thought, emotions, communications, and behavior. Sociology is the study of the development and functioning of human society. Anthropology is the study of racial and cultural aspects.
Behavioral science is a relatively new subject in Medicine. It was introduced in order to train doctors to empathize with their patients and to adopt a humane approach while treating them.
It emphasizes the need to view the biological, psychological and social aspects of an illness.

About the department:

Prof. Anjum Bashir is the head of department of Psychiatry & Behavioral sciences.
Mrs. Nighat Iqbal, a psychologist presides over the students’ counseling service. The students are encouraged to seek help for their psychological problems, so that they can cope with the pressure and strain of examinations, as well as personal issues. Common issues include depression and anxiety, owing to the prevalence of stress in the medical profession.
The psychiatry clinic has done research on the use of communication skills and techniques for psychiatric and psychological patients, as an aid to traditional counseling and medication. It plans to do further research in this area.