Policy for Attendance

Students are required to attend punctually at the hours notiļ¬ed for lectures, demonstrations, seminars, tutorials, practicals, exams and hospital wards.

Every student shall be required to attend at least 90% of the lectures, seminars, tutorials, practicals and clinical classes separately of each subject.

The margin of 10% of absence in lectures, practical, demonstrations and clinical rotations is intended to cover absence only on account of sickness.

A written application should be sent to the head of department by the student or his/her parent, reporting illness or cause of absence within 2 days.

Students with short attendance (below 90%) will not be allowed to take the university examinations. The head of the institution reserves the right to detain any student from appearing in the professional examination of the university at any stage, if the student is found to be short of attendance in theory or practical of any subject or the student's work is reported to be unsatisfactory by any professor.

Consistent and satisfactory performance throughout the year is obligatory.