Financial Support and Scholarship Policy

Deserving students from low-income background and good academic record are offered financial support in the form of free education or concessions in fee. This is in accordance with PMC Regulation which demands that up to 5% of deserving students should be offered free education every year, amounting to approximately 5 – 6 million rupees.
This policy should only be applicable on those who are enrolled in the MBBS program after having paid full fee. It does not apply to those who are already getting financial assistance from the institution.

The purpose of scholarships based on academics is to provide students with a reward for academic excellence.
Scholarships in the form of cash awards would be based on academic record and achievements. An average of 85% or above achieved in the professional exam in any subject will be awarded scholarships.
The Financial Assistance and Scholarships Packages include the following:

a. Installment Plan

b. Deferment of Fees

c. Fees Insurance Plans

d. Need based Financial Assistance

e. Scholarships based on Academic Excellence