Dean's Message

The study of medicine is a powerful integration of science, technology, experience and experiment that enables its students to alleviate human pain and suffering around the globe. That is why medical profession is considered the most exciting, challenging, satisfying and rewarding profession in the world. At its finest and purest, it is a quest to improve the human conditions. Central Park Medical College will prepare you to excel in the rapidly changing landscape of modern medicine. We emphasize on applying scientific knowledge and analytical thinking to cope with the revolutionary changes taking place in this field. Here you can pursue your individual interests, find your calling,and discover how you can change the fabric of medicine, science and society. It is about being inspired by a history of medical achievements to transform your potential into accomplishments that can make a difference to our world. Since its inception the board of directors, the chairman and the faculty desire to produce not only well-trained doctors who are devoted to medical profession but are also exceptional human beings who can take up leadership role in this field.

Prof. Dr. A. S. Chughtai

M.B.B.S., M.Phil, M.I.A.C., F.C.P.S., F.C.P.P., F.R.C. Pathology